A Flight To Paradise

Posted by Charlie on June 18th, 2014 — Posted in Travel

I was waiting at the airport for my departure flight that was really late because of a snow storm in December. The airport was jammed packed at my terminal and there was only one seat available to sit in. I was kinda of excited being a single man because I started making small talk with this stunning young lady next to me. We found out during our little chat that we both had a lot in common.

Once we boarded the plane we had a 12 hour flight that I was not looking forward to. I ended up being seated by the same young lady on the plane. During our conversation she had advised me that she was one of the top London escorts. I smiled and told her to meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes, she agreed. We immediately started stripping each other clothes off and well ya know what happened next!

A Reasonable Decision

Posted by Charlie on May 26th, 2014 — Posted in Romance

Love is something that doesn’t exactly come easy for me. I hate putting myself out there with men and I really hate going out in public places. Lately I have been forcing myself to go out on dates with guys from Manchester escorts. It has helped me to loosen up a little bit and get passed my fear of large crowds. I still become nervous in rooms with a lot of people, but the nervousness has started to subside quite a bit. I am hoping that after a few more dates, I will be able to go out alone at night and meet men on my own, without the help of anyone else. If I don’t start doing this, I am afraid I will just give up and be alone for the rest of my life. So I guess it is now or never and I am choosing now. It is the only reasonable choice for me to make at this point.