Posted by Charlie on October 23rd, 2014 — Posted in Humour

It was a stormy Saturday night and once again I couldn’t sleep. I was torn was I going to turn on the tube and endlessly click through the mindless info commercials and reruns or would I listen to the demons and turn on the computer and surf for some porn; what I really wanted to do. Let’s be honest, there is nothing on tv that can satisfy that raw animal urge like porn.

This time the demons won. I could feel the blood race through my veins just as the power ran through the computer. I quickly clicked my way to my favorite porn site and was surprised that I had earned enough free credits to enter a transvestite web cams sight. How could I resist? As I entered the site a beautiful blonde in black lacy lingerie greeted me and asked what she could do for me? Was I dreaming?

Looking To Get Out Of Debt

Posted by Charlie on October 10th, 2014 — Posted in Dating

I was looking online one day for a way to earn a substantial income for myself because I was so far in debt it was driving me crazy. At first I had tried some work at home opportunities and paid some money out of my pocket and it ended up being a complete scam. I then ran into some reputable escort services and learned that I could pull in about $1000 per hour. Right away I was very interested because I have a great body and look at myself as a very attractive person.

After about 2 months I started working for Coventry escorts and was making money immediately and starting to slowly pull myself right out of debt. Now I always have a pocket full of money and can buy anything that I have ever wanted. I also usually visit places and go on vacation for free because my clients foot the bill!

Wild Curiosity

Posted by Charlie on August 25th, 2014 — Posted in Happiness

The first time I stumbled upon it, I watched with my mouth open wide. It was curiosity, I suppose. But I came back, and I would keep coming. I was drawn to the animal beauty of them, tangled together. I felt like I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. I was standing on the edges, noticed, and they didn’t give a rip. It was exhilarating, heady, hot. The girl looked at me as if she wanted me to say something, do something, anything! I bit my middle finger, hard. There wasn’t much I could do for her, not with my hands. But I kept visiting, just to see, just to feel heat pulse through me from watching someone else perform live adult sex cams. I loved it, and it felt like nothing else made me feel…

Spent Hundreds And Don’t Remember

Posted by Charlie on August 15th, 2014 — Posted in Travel

I was at a friends party not too long ago and I ended up spending the night with a Sheffield escort agency companion. We started hanging out towards the end of the night, was slamming drinks and swaying to the music. The funny thing is that I never knew that she was an escort, until the next morning and I owed her hundreds of dollars. I had to leave her in my home and run to the ATM machine to get her out of my house.

Later that week, she called me and wanted to hang out again. I refused because I did not want to wake up owing her hundreds of dollars again! She laughed and said that there would be no charge and how much she actually liked me. So we went out and we have been really close friends ever since, how I love the no strings attached sex!

A Reasonable Decision

Posted by Charlie on May 26th, 2014 — Posted in Romance

Love is something that doesn’t exactly come easy for me. I hate putting myself out there with men and I really hate going out in public places. Lately I have been forcing myself to go out on dates with guys from Manchester escorts. It has helped me to loosen up a little bit and get passed my fear of large crowds. I still become nervous in rooms with a lot of people, but the nervousness has started to subside quite a bit. I am hoping that after a few more dates, I will be able to go out alone at night and meet men on my own, without the help of anyone else. If I don’t start doing this, I am afraid I will just give up and be alone for the rest of my life. So I guess it is now or never and I am choosing now. It is the only reasonable choice for me to make at this point.